Mar 13 2015

The R.T.S. Bug Out Shelter

The R.T.S. is an incredibly versatile sheltering system that has been used by law enforcement, disaster relief organizations, and individual consumers. Rigid Tent Systems uses the same simple design concept of insulated panels that slide together to create a highly portable structure. This design combined with an array of amenities makes the R.T.S. an ideal bug out shelter.

Setup & Mobility

Unlike traditional bug out shelters that are stationary and must be built in advance, the R.T.S. is highly mobile and can be assembled any time almost anywhere. The R.T.S. uses a unique system of insulated panels and extrusions that slide together and are then snapped into place. Check out the R.T.S. Assembly Video here. As a bug out shelter this gives it a highly valuable feature of mobility. When not in use, the R.T.S. can be disassembled, with all of its panels being stacked together inside of its crate. On its trailer, the crate can be transported to almost any location. Upon arrival the only thing required to set the R.T.S.up is a semi-flat surface large enough for the structure. There are no tools required. When finished “bugging out” or moving to a different location, the R.T.S. can simply be disassembled and packed back into its crate.

Sustainable Sheltering

Once assembled, the R.T.S. is a solid, insulated structure that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. With its array of included amenities such as electrical, climate control, and bathroom the R.T.S. is a self-sustaining bug out shelter, running independent of any outside utilities. With locking doors and windows, the R.T.S. is also very secure, so that you can keep your possessions safe. Also included is water holding tanks with a hot water heater for a constant supply of water for drinking and showering. All of these things together make the R.T.S. an ideal bug out shelter for both long and short-term use.

Easy to Establish

Because of the portable and low environmental impact and R.T.S. bug out shelter makes, it is significantly easier to establish than comparable solutions. Rather than having to establish zoning, building codes, excavating, and building the R.T.S. can simply be assembled. While the R.T.S. bug out shelter runs independent of outside utilities, such as electricity and water, eliminating the need to establish outside connections. This allows you to be prepared but without the expenses and extensive planning. Call or initiate an online conversation to learn more, or get a quote.

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